Tall Toilets - Reduce Leg And Back Pain With A Taller Toilet Design

Tall Toilets For The ElderlyMany  people suffer with lower body pain, stiffness, reduced range of movement as they age. Sitting on, or getting up from the toilet can be difficult, so many of the bathroom manufacturers have designed a range of tall toilets for the elderly, injured, or just plain tall people, to overcome the discomfort of a standard sized toilet.

A normal height toilet can offer some challenges to many people, and with the availability of tall toilet designs becoming more prevalent, it makes sense to fit one in your home when possible. A lot of people now have two cloakrooms, making it easy to have different height toilet units to suit the residents or visitors.

The Tall Toilets concept - How An Legal Bill Changed It All

Many people will be familiar with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), and the implications this had on many public places, and how businesses were required to make sure that their facilities allowed fair use by all aspects of society. The ADA made toilets for the disabled a requirement by law, and this has spun off into the same toilet designs being used in homes across the USA.

Tall toilets are virtually the same as a standard height one, it is just the bowl height that is raised to allow for more comfortable use by those who find the typical low slung toilet a challenge. Available in round bowl or elongated bowls, you can get one from all the top manufacturers, like Toto toilets, American Standard and Kohler. There is often little difference in price between the standard and taller model.

Installation is the same as for standard height toilets, with plumbing being the same. The cistern will sit a little higher, but this should not be an issue with most bathrooms.

Here are some of the most popular tall toilets, ones that are consistently popular, and also where customer feedback in good. check them out, you should find a great price and a great toilet that will suit all your needs.

Saniflo 007 16-3/4 High ADA compliant Elongated Toilet bowl, Rear Spigot Toilet, White Saniflo 007 16-3/4 High ADA compliant Elongated Toilet bowl, Rear Spigot Toilet, White
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